"Welcome to Manly Beach Running Club!"

Are you stuck in a workout rut? Can’t motivate yourself? 5k seems impossible? Workouts don’t seem to make a difference? Not reaching your goals? Want to run further, quicker, or train for a run? Not ready for your next big run?

Running Club

Manly Beach Running Club is your running support group – members have a range of fitness levels and are a friendly, chatty bunch. ‘The Running Club has a great vibe and everyone’s interested in being together and working out in a friendly environment’, says head trainer Joe Ward. ‘It’s not about split times and what trainers you’re wearing – it’s about getting fit and reaching running goals.’

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About us

We have a range of fitness levels and abilities in the group from casual 5km runners to 100 mile ultra runners !


Come and join us for a free intro session

or contact Coach Joe for more info 0433 819 514



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