Transitioning from Road to Trail

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When I first made the decision to not only attempt to transition from road to the trails but that my first event would be the UTA50; one of Australia’s most prestigious trail races, people that knew me well thought I had lost my mind.

By no means am I a typical trail runner, I think it’s fair to say that me and sport have not always had the best of relationships; being clumsy and unco-ordinated in nature meant that I was generally last to be picked for team sports at school. Not a lot has changed since, I still have the unique ability of being able to fall over my own shadow. I am definitely more of a fairy elephant than an agile gazelle. However, even though there was the possibility I could end up with a few injuries, there was something about hearing stories from other trail runners that was pulling me to give it a shot.

It all starts for me the night before whereby I would go through the ritual of preparing all of the gear for the day ahead and be reminded of a child preparing to go in a school trip. The apprehension also starts to kick in and I begin to worry about whether I will be able to keep up with everyone one else and the fear of not fitting in, knowing that we would be spending a great length of time together. That was soon forgotten though as I’ve found that with running in a club, everyone is  incredibly supportive and if similar mindsets. I can honestly say that over the 5 months training for the UTA, I got to share some amazing experiences with an incredible group of people.

The hardest battle for me was the mental one, on the road I can almost program myself onto autopilot and just let the legs do the work, whereas out in the trail I had to be constantly present. This often meant a lot more battles with the inner voice trying to tell me to give up or confronting me with a version of myself that I didn’t particularly like. But what I loved was the sense of conquering those demons by the end of the run and feeling incredibly strong. Crossing the finishing line at the blue mountains, I got to experience the elusive runners high like no other and gave me the belief that anything is possible to achieve. If I can do it, anyone can.

Todays run was a couple of laps round Manly Dam, a real local gem that I only recently knew existed after 2 years of living here. As the saying goes, what happens on the trails stays on the trails but always expect the unexpected and it’s guaranteed to always be an adventure.

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  1. Good to see that you are following the family blog writing tradition. Can’t wait to read the next episode

  2. You’re a great writer Lyanne and thanks for your honesty and giving us an insight in to the fears that most of us at some time face. Saying that, not many of us would be brave enough to do what you are doing. I would have a fear of falling as well as the usual stuff. You give us a great insight in to trail running and make it sound so rewarding. You really are quite an amazing gal. Look forward to reading more of your blogs xx

  3. great blog Lyanne, thanks so much for sharing and inspiring. I love running on all terrain but my heart definitely belongs to the trails 🙂

  4. Oh Lyanne, thanks for sharing this, I love reading how your fear of falling was overcome by your sense of adventure. This is such a refreshing, inspiring authentic anecdote. xx

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