Do I need to be a pro athlete or accomplished runner to join?
Quite simply, no. We have a range of fitness levels in the club from beginners to more experienced athletes and ultra runners. All abilities are very welcome and you will find there are other people with a similar ability in the club.

Is there a beginners-to-5km program ?
Yes there is! Think of it as couch-to-5k. We love helping new runners find their legs. Contact us for more info on our Couch to 5km program so we can get you started.

Do I need to sign up to a monthly subscription? Will I be tied into a contract that is hard to get out of?
There is no contract or monthly subscription. You can pay per run or per training session without signing a contract to pay a monthly figure.

What are the health benefits of running?
Running is an all over body activity and one of the best ways to burn calories. People who start running regularly generally see significant improvements to their health and fitness within 4 to 6 weeks of starting.

Are you qualified to train runners? What qualifications do you have?
Joe Ward is a NSW Triathlon certified coach. He is fully insured and has extensive experience in training athletes at all levels. As a triathlon coach he is also able to help you train for your next triathlon or IronMan event. Please contact us for more details.

Can you design a training program for my next event?
Yes absolutely. We have extensive experience designing bespoke, tailored training programs and we can create a program that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Please contact us for more info.

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